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Zig Zag Bricks kiln
Zig Zag Bricks kiln

Zig-zag kilns offer 15-20% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) and upto 75% reduction in SPM emissions over FC-BTK. A higher percentage of Class I bricks are produced as compared to FC-BTK (80-85% Class I bricks as compared to 55-60% in FC-BTK). There is an option for easy retrofit of FC-BTK to natural draught Zig-zag kiln.Savings from reduced fuel consumption and increase in revenue due to higher percentage of Class I bricks. Capital cost of retrofitting of existing FC-BTKs ranges from INR 10-25 lakhs and pays back in 3 months-2 years. However, for a new construction, capital cost ranges from INR 35-45 lakhs natural draught kiln and INR 40-45 lakh for a high draught kiln. The payback period for new construction of Zig-zag kiln is 2-3 years.

Zig-zag kiln required skilled manpower for its operation. However, the same workforce working in FC-BTK can be easily trained for operating Zig-zag kilns. 4 persons are required for firing at a 6 hour shift.

High Draught Bricks Kiln
High Draught Bricks Kiln

in India, we have been using fixed chimney type Bull Trench Kiln for brick manufacturing. There are newer technologies that are more energy efficient and cause lesser pollution. One such technology named fixed chimney Zig – Zag kiln .The Zig-Zag, Habla or the High Draught Kiln is similar firing technologies with essential variations in brick setting patterns where the kiln basic structure remains same. The principle followed in this family of kiln types is to prolong the travel path of fire. This high thermal efficiency of the kiln reduces fuel consumption by 25%. The earliest type of this technology was termed as Zig-Zag kiln developed in the early 1900s. Various reforms were also built which were relatively inexpensive variants adopted by small brick manufacturers. The design of this type of kiln ensures continuous operation of the kiln.

One of the more developed variant was The Habla Kiln. It was essentially an arch less zig-zag kiln patented in 1920 by British Engineer A. Habla. This had very wide and continuous open firing channels. Unlike zig-zag variants there were no permanently built dividing walls. Thus, the energy savings were higher. However the most important aspect of this kiln was that bricks could be loaded into the firing spaces through vehicular movement.

Hoffman Kiln
Hoffman Kiln

It is a continuous kiln and has a permanent roof on the kiln. It is like a high drought kiln built above the ground. It has a fixed chimney at the outside of the kiln which the kiln is divided into chambers in a ring. Each chamber has a door communicating with the outside and a flue leading to the chimney. The door could be closed with a dry brick wall having sand packing. The flue could be closed or opened as desired by operating a metal plate known as a damper. The damper is like the key in the fcbtk kiln.

Outside the wall of kilns, the civil line is out of the wall of kilns.
They are used to exhaust the smog from the kiln, the kiln is divided into the chamber.
The brick setting is very easy in the Hoffman kiln-like net system.
Simple brick setting in Hoffman kiln, this kiln produces the first quality bricks in this system.

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"You guys are legendary! You guys are great and having amazing support & service. I couldn’t ask for any better. Thank you!"

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Maintenance- We provide maintenance services to the brickfields. Services like that to improve the quality of brick, fuel consumption, not working according to the plan of brickfields, Air exhausting problem by the chimney and any other problem. Our experts resolve any type of problem in a very short time. We change the technology in existing brickfields. So Bhattewala. provides all types of solutions to the brickfields.

Chimney Distruction within one day. Our company provides the facility of chimney destruction within one day by the experts. Somebody wants the destroy the existing brickfield, Our experts destroy within minimum time.

destroy the chimney without any Bomb. 80 Percent of bricks will be safe after the destruction of the chimney. 

We provide all staff and trainers with loading and firing of all types of kilns,
They will be specialists in all types of firing and loading. 


Zig Zag Bhatta Company is a national construction company specializing in Bricks Fields(Bhatta) construction management, design-build, and best services for the Brick Fields. What’s that all mean? Throughout our history, we’ve succeeded by providing a wide range of construction solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work. Bhattewala began his company in 1980 with little more than ability and enthusiasm to his name. Yet even at the start, he had a clear vision of what he wanted: a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver high-quality installation at a competitive price.