It is a continuous kiln and has a permanent roof on the kiln. It is like a high drought kiln built above the ground. It has a fixed chimney at the outside of the kiln which the kiln is divided into chambers in a ring. Each chamber has a door communicating with the outside and a flue leading to the chimney. The door could be closed with a dry brick wall having sand packing. The flue could be closed or opened as desired by operating a metal plate known as a damper. The damper is like the key in the FCBTK kiln.

Outside the wall of kilns, the civil line is out of the wall of kilns.
They are used to exhaust the smog from the kiln, the kiln is divided into the chamber.
The brick setting is very easy in the Hoffman kiln-like net system.
Simple brick setting in Hoffman kiln, this kiln produces the first quality bricks in this system.